François Desnoyers


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Fragmented thinking

Art is my passion; painting, music, literature, cinema... In all its forms, it is an abstraction of the soul, an expression of the human condition. It is a necessity... because it can unite love and hate, the ugly with the beautiful. Although abstraction is the true basis of any great work of art, I find that it can none the less be furbished by figurative signs and connotations so that, in their own particular way, these can appropriately reflect the spectrum of human xperience.
X Marx the Spot
X Marx the Spot )

Here the subject matter reflects my search for the self within the body (thus the title). I drew an old fashion speaker on the left of the painting, as if to show a way into the core of the subject. A giant X appears in the middle of the work where the "treasure" of being might be found and, on top of it, rests the head of the body. Some ladders are displayed within the work, as in the board game "Serpents and Ladders", meaning that there are no certainties and that the main preoccupation of the painting lies within the following questions : where and what is this SPOT?

Caught within a Cat's Purpose
Caught within
a Cat's Purpose

There is an inner flow of spaces in Caught within a Cat's Purpose (2007). Objects are in a whirlwind around a top, spinning on the upper middle of the painting. This uneasy game is characterised by its absence of rules. In fact, It seemingly began with the cat's strike. The overall state of the work and, by extension, of our universe, is thus the result of an animal's violent un-premeditated action from which our own consciousness has to get free. This is obviously the struggle of most human beings.