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Reality is a personal phenomenon which can be summed up to a certain extent by a sequence of images. Through these images, I work to expand the meaning of reality, to define my interactions with it, to explain it through what I call visual poetry. This kind of figurative endeavor is the result of my meditations on the meaning of consciousness, using images in the literary sense of the word. So, I would term my efforts as Poetic Realism. A realism which conjugates past, present and future tenses. A distant future can thus be immediate in a painting using ambiguity as a metaphor. Visual poetry needs identifiable figures to interact with our subjective memory and tools like distortion and superposition both serve to create the poetic functions that I require.

What appears to be complete abstraction can also be viewed as the passing of time in which bodies are seen crossing our path before disappearing. My art declares that people may be present and absent simultaneously. This paradox, created by the artwork’s poetry, establishes a deep sense of solitude, bewilderment and loss.

Using a computer to create art is extremely appealing to me. Recycling digital images enables me to create series using one original concept as a starting point. I produce more than a single result from these images as I develop them from key moments during their development.

The process is a slight transition from traditional printmaking, moving from the mechanical to the electrical, but although the structure of producing prints remains essentially the same, the results can be dramatically different. The tools provided by most computer applications are extremely varied. With this particular technique, each work remains virtual until printed.