Trying to wake up if possible

First Light

Acrylic on canvas
(2015) 42"H X 48"W
Sleeping after drinking some flowers

Last Light

Oil on canvas
(2015) 42"H X 48"W
recent paintings


Oil and acrylic on canvas
(2021) 42"H X 48"W
The inner processes of the ear


Acrylic on canvas
(2004) 30"H X 40"W
The ultimate source of water vanishing

The Last Drop

Acrylic on canvas
(2005) 39"H X 48"W
A treasure map for the soul

X Marx the Spot

Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
(2004) 48"H X 48"W
One day for certain

Feet First

Oil and assemblage on wood
(2000) 42"H X 48"W
Someone is sick in bed


Acrylic and pastel on wood
(2001) 48"H X 42"W
Far in the woods, a small village at night


Oil, pastel and assemblage on wood
(2002) 48"H X 44"W